Miracles of the Children Bible

Description of Miracles of the Children Bible The Bible Puzzle Game for children, was created to present ludic form, some of the miracles of the Holy Bible of the old testament.We understand miracle as a supernatural event, out of reach and to human understanding and the Bible is full of examples of impressive miracles, both in the old and the New Testament, with extraordinary achievements, ranging from creation, through the control of biological processes, to the cures and the resurrection of the dead.The game aims to: Awakening the child interest in Sacred Scripture.The play is fundamental in the development of each child. It was with that in mind we created this game, which will help stimulate learning, develop the intelligence, logical reasoning, the ability of motor coordination/vision-motor, attention, visual discrimination and retell stories. It can also develop different skills as thinking: observe, compare, analyze and synthesize.At the beginning of each puzzle, the figure chosen is shown completely, so that the child look at figure to be mounted, following parts will be mixed for the child to assemble the figures of the puzzle by clicking on each square so that the piece is turned in the correct position of the image. The goal of this game is to complete all the pieces, forming the figure chosen.-The game is made up of 24 biblical images.-Two levels of difficulty.-You can play without Internet also.Try to fit the biblical images in the shortest time possible!Good fun!So Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the Lord departed the sea and made on dry land, with a strong East wind that blew all that night. The waters were divided, and the Israelites crossed through the sea on dry land, with a wall of water on the right and one on the left.Exodus 14:21 -22You are the God who performs miracles; show your power among the people.Psalms 77:14

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