Young Learners Classic Readers

Description of Young Learners Classic Readers ◆ Launch Event: Watch two Young Learners Classic Readers books for free! Young learners can read, listen to, and watch classic English stories. They can improve their English with these stories anytime, anywhere! The Young Learners Classic Readers are great for even the youngest of learners. The easy-to-use Young Learners Classic Readers App makes all 60 of the graded stories in this best-selling series accessible to any kid who can operate a tablet or iPad. Read along as you hear the story in English to develop sight word recognition skills and to learn proper English pronunciation. Enjoy the beautifully illustrated stories as they are brought to life through non-distracting digital animation. Develop fundamental reading skills and reading fluency by reading and re-reading fun and familiar classic stories loved by readers of all ages. ◆ You can use already purchased contents on different android devices by login to same Google account.  ◆ App inquiry : for payment error and problems pertaining to app ( ◆◆Notice from Bluepin◆◆ Greetings! As the manager of Bluepin, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has shown interest and support to our apps. Usually, customers post their inquiries regarding app usage in a form of a review, and our only means of responding to such an inquiry was replying to those review. However, due to technical problems in posting our responses or delay, customer support was not provided in a timely manner. To better serve our customers, we have opened the Bluepin Customer Support Center to process our customer inquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please contact for inquiries and problems pertaining to apps. When contacting customer support, please read the following for quicker response to your inquiry.   (1) Contacting customer support by phone -To send an inquiry from your device, go to your phone app’s info and select (2) Contacting customer support by internet – For online inquiry, please include store of purchase, name of purchased app, device in use, and the OS version for faster response.   Thank you.

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