Description of Recyclemanager The Recycle Manager is a free app that tells you where the nearest waste bin is located, when the waste is collected and in which waste bin the waste belongs. – Waste calendar The Recycle Manager shows the waste calendar for all participating municipalities * for each address. You see when waste is collected and what replacement pick-up days are during public holidays. You can also put the waste calendar in your personal calendar. If you set automatic reminders, you always get a reminder to put the right bin outside. – waste collection points With the Recycle Manager, you will also find all the waste collection points in your area, such as return bins for glass, paper, energy-saving lamps, electrical appliances and batteries. – Advice Do not know in which waste bin a product belongs? The Recycle Manager gives more than 1000 products an advice on which bin you should throw them away. The Recycle Manager helps you to separate waste better. Thanks to good waste separation, more materials can be reused for new products. That is good for the environment and it reduces the costs for waste processing. * More and more municipalities are participating in the Recycle Manager. For an up-to-date overview of participating municipalities, visit

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