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Description of Talk4Me – TTS Voice Mobile He speaks for me, designed to give voice to those who do not have the voice, but not only, in fact, is able to hear and write what others say. a multifunctional and multitasking app and is a complete tool to support the integration and communication between those who speak sign language and those who do not know it. you can copy any text and paste it inside Talk for me to make it read from our mobile phone, saving time and increasing our speed of learning news, internet pages or studying and reading books online.The application is also able to write what the interlocutor says is therefore also a 'very good APP for deaf people and deaf community.This app for the deaf people is a free service and we at Ansel's Corp sincerely hope to be useful in our small with this product,Deafness is not a problem!the problem is being able to communicate with those who do not know sign language, but, from now Your cellphone has the voice in order to speak for you and can hear what the others say!You will have a talking phone and if you are silent or you have undergone an operation on vocal cords or tonsils or you are unable to speak for any reason, thanks to talk4me from now on you can communicate with everyone and not only, in fact, it is a tool also for deaf community, due the cell phone is able to listen and write what others say!This talking app uses the tts (text to speech) functions to scan words and give voice to and to those who do not own voice through the phone or tablet, in fact you just write the text and she repeats it! , but this app, also has many features, in fact you can save the audio and text and then you can always have questions and voice responses you write and she repeats and in fact this vocal app can also be used by linguistic or undergraduate students in tongues in order to listen to the correct pronunciations; currently the following languages ​​are available in this speaking application, each with different pronunciations depending on the region:- Italian- English- French- Spanish- German- Dutch- Czechoslovakia- Polishthis application can also be considered as an educational game for children, who can have fun writing and saying letters of the alphabet, numbers, words and phrases.the speech synthesizer that converts texts into voice uses the same voice that is installed in your mobile and also allows you to understand if your smartphone or tablet is male or female! , the entry is by default, so I ask you to avoid writing negative reviews about it.Do not hesitate to send us e-mail with suggestions to improve this app.note 1: The phone must have a text-to-speech engine in order to talk, and even if most of the devices have already installed this feature, if you do not have it you can download it from your phone. The procedure is simple:1) go to '' settings ''2) select '' voice settings ''3) click on '' from text to voice ''4) select '' install voice data ''at the end of the procedure your mobile phone will direct you to its TTS engine in Google Play and you can finally use your text to speech engine freely !.Note 2:1) All permissions related to the app do not affect your privacy, but are used exclusively for advertisements that are all provided by Google Admob, for telephone calls and for the basic functions of the app.2) the app is totally free and our only profit comes from advertising that will never be paid for users of the application.

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